Why Chocolate Turns White and Strawberry Looks Red

Chocolate is a processed product while strawberry is a natural product. Chocolate is made from cacao beans fermented for several days then dried out in the sun. The beans are then roasted and winnowed. The chocolate bars sold at supermarkets are made when the inner nibs of the cacao beans are heated to melt the cocoa butter and then ground to a paste. Strawberries are one of the yummiest and juiciest fruits around the world. They are used in making desserts, juices and shakes. It is loved by both children and adults for its mouth-watering scent and delicious flavor.

As fat content is present in chocolate, a whitish gray material will form on its surface when it has been exposed to warm temperature for a long time. The heat drives the cocoa butter out of the chocolate and forms a white coat on the surface. This is one reason why the chocolate turns white and it is also known as fat bloom.

One wants to know why strawberries appear bright red from outside and pinkish from the inside. This is because of the natural pigment called anthocyanin which is produced naturally by plants. It can be found in the leaves, stems, flowers and fruits. The pigment may appear red, blue or purple depending on the acidity of the plant part. Too much excess of anthocyanins in the fruit s skin will make it appear a rusty red or brown instead of red.

The pigment is also classified as a flavonoid which is a chemical that gives flavor to fruits and plants. As a flavonoid, anthocyanins are seen as derivatives of anthocyanidins which include pendant sugars in the composition. This is the reason which makes the fruit s flavor naturally sweet.

Strawberry is rich in anthocyanins and it does not only give color to the fruit but they are powerful antioxidants which is the reason why fruits with colorful skins and pulps are considered nutritious. According to research, anthocyanin is potential, protects health and effects against the development of diseases like cancer, aging and neurological diseases, inflammation, diabetes and bacterial infections.

If a chocolate turns white, another cause is also either too much humidity or cold temperature. If the chocolate is stored in an excessively humid or a very cold place like the fridge and then quickly exposed to a warm temperature, there can be a sugar bloom. This happens because the surface of the chocolate condenses with moisture. Sugar crystals remain on the surface after the moisture has drawn the sugar out of the chocolate forming a white coating.

Even if the chocolate looks unappetizing but it is still okay to eat as long as it s pure and not filled. Fortunately a bloomed chocolate is not poisonous. Once the bloomed chocolate has been melted and cooked, it will still be good enough to eat.

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